Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Monthly Roundup: the March Edit

March Recap

What an intense month this was! March was such a fast paced, roller coaster of a month even thinking about it leaves me a bit winded. This month I decided to take a 360º change on my life, it is a insanely scary experience, but also an exciting one as I feel like this change has been really really long overdue, so this month has been all about figuring things out, adapting to the changes and working things out and it left me quite tired but incredibly satisfied. It was also a great month because for the first time in quite a while I managed to go out and see most of my friends (some of them I hadn't seen in months) so I did have a great lot of fun as well.  

What I've been loving

Makeup & Skincare

The one makeup thing I've been loving this month is fluffy, fluttery false eyelashes, I have to admit until a couple months ago I had never worn falsies before, my eyelashes are pretty long as it is so I didn't really see the point, but after trying a gorgeous pair I became obsessed, the extra volume and added touch of drama really won me over now I kinda feel the impulse to buy every set of falsies I see haha
As far as skincare goes I haven't tried much lately, as I mentioned on last month's recap I have build a skincare routine that is really working wonders for me, so I just don't really feel the need to try new products as much as I did before, one product I have really loved indeed is the Tea Tree Oil Skin Clearing Face Wash from the Body shop, I've been using it for the past couple weeks every other day and it is super gentle on my sensitive skin.

Blog posts

Something I hadn't really done before but thought could be interesting is share with you some blog posts I've read and loved this past month that I really recommend reading, this month I've chosen:  



I haven't really listened to a lot of new music this month but these two releases have been on repeat on my Spotify all month, both have fantastic rhythms and lyrics. I've loved Rationale's music for quite a long time now and Deliverance really took it to the next level, his voice is truly fantastic and his music just put into such a great relaxed mood.
Green Light made it to the list of my all time favourite songs right the first time I listened to it, I absolutely love Lorde and had been eagerly waiting for her to release something new since Pure Heroine and she didn't disappoint me, I absolutely love her lyrics and voice.

Films & TV

Lately I've been watching TV shows much more than films, which is kinda weird for me as I've always being a bit obsessed with cinema. I didn't particularly enjoy the few films I've watched, except Lion, which is a fantastic, sad, touching true story of a little boy who is separated from his family, the story is beautiful and the whole cast is incredible, I definitely recommend it. The other film I did love is The Double, that is actually a bit old and I have no idea why it took me such a long time to watch, it is a very clever psychological, distopic drama based on Dostoyevski's novel, honestly the story is a bit too complex for me to summarise here, but it is incredibly interesting film, and, well, you can never go wrong with (a well executed) Dostoyevski.

I was expecting to add Beauty and the Beast to this but I somehow still haven't found time to watch it, if you did let me know if you liked it.

As Far as TV shows go, the two that I've been obsessed with are How to Get Away With Murder, again, something I've put off watching for far too long and regret it, this is such a brilliant story that has a twist every episode that just makes me want to binge every episode.
The other one is Abstract: The Art Of Design, a Netflix documentary on different designers and their creative processes, I'm not usually into documentaries, but for anyone who's into design this is truly inspiring.

The April Wishlist Highlights

Although I have been liking most of the trends this season I have to admit making a wishlist was a bit of challenge this month, spring and summer clothes just aren't my thing at all, I scrolled through loads of products and just wasn't feeling it at all, I'm a jackets and layers and boots and earthy tones kinda girl so all the spring stuff,  as beautiful as it is, doesn't work much for me at all. But in the end I did find some things I really loved.

My ultimate favourites are probably these Missguided Embroidered Bee Velvet Mule and Marigold Embroidery Plataform Sandals because, as i probably mentioned in some other post before I like to collect anything with bees on it and these are just so gorgeous and stylish in a sort of quirky way that I just love.
I also really love this Little Mistress Rose Gold Bikini, it is the first time I see a metallic bikini and I'm honestly in love with this. 
The full wishlist can be seen on the bottom of the page.

What have you been loving lately?

Thanks for reading!

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