Friday, 3 March 2017

Monthly Roundup: The February Edit

February Recap

February was an incredible month for me, just a big, crazy whirlwind of changes, good, positive ones but by the end of the month I was completely knackered, now everything has settled and I'm taking my time to get used to the new aspects of my life and rest a bit.

I mentioned this in my life update post I've barely had time to blog this month which I was really gutted about and for around a week or so after I had time to blog again I got into a complete writer's block, but after that passed I was just filled with post ideas, so I'm slowly getting back on track.

One thing that got me really excited this month is that I'm trying a new incredible skincare routine and gosh, my skin feels oh so heavenly, super soft and smooth, all oiliness I've been struggling with since I was 12 is gone, so I'll keep it up for a few more days, see if the results remain the same and will share a post about it here!

What I've been loving


February was unbearably warm here in my country, it was the peak of our tropical country summer, so temperatures were constantly over 30°C, so it was so warm it was really difficult to find nice things to wear that I wouldn't completely melt into after 10 minutes outside, so as I mentioned in my OOTD post all I wear lately are fun shorts and crop tops or camis, I honestly can't wait for the weather to get a lil bit chillier so I can wear something else.

See this outfit post here                         See this outfit post here 

Makeup & Skincare

The one thing I've been really loving lately, as far as makeup is concerned is golden highlighter, I stayed away from it for quite long because I thought it was a bit too out there but I've been trying some with a bit more glam looks and they really give the look a special something and as long as I apply just a tiny bit doesn't look to crazy unnatural.

As far as skincare is concerned as I mentioned above I've been trying loads of new, different stuff, most of them have been incredible and I want to write a separate post on that but to add one specific product that has really outshined all others is the Lush Dark Angels cleanser, it works like a dream and is definitely worth a try, it cleans the skin deeply and leaves it feeling super soft and nourished after wards, I specially recommend it for people with sensitive skin, because it is incredibly gentle.


With the award season this is the time when loads of great films come out, so this is by far the best time of the year for film lovers like myself.
Out of all the stuff I've seen this month 3 films stand out

One of the films that made it to my ultimate favourites list is Sing Street, I watched this expecting some silly, cliché movie but was absolutely and delightfully wrong, it is a light hearted, sweet and original story that really captivated me, the characters are funny, endearing and quite realistic, the songs are not great, but fun enough, and it is set in the 80s, which by itself is already enough to win my love as far as aesthetic goes.

Moonlight is a film I personally think everyone should watch a least once, I went to the watch it with very high expectations for it and those expectations were not only met but surpassed. It touches on so many very important but very taboo issues like homosexuality, drugs, bullying, poverty and racism, but does it in a very sensible, powerful, thought provoking way, that really touches you and makes you think, the directing, photography and acting are all impeccable, this is, to me, as close as a film can get to being flawless.

I've been meaning to see Nocturnal Animals for a long time now, but only got around to it last week, I also went to see it with high expectations as I really admire tom ford both as a designer and director and to some extent it did meet my expectations. Visually the film is impeccable, every scene is beautiful and adds to the atmosphere, the story is also quite great in a slightly disturbing way, the beginning was so tense and nerve wrecking I was actually shivering, but although the story is interesting and complete the ending made me feel like there was something missing. It is a great film nonetheless.


I haven't really been listening to new music this month. The only new thing I've heard lately was Lana Del Rey's Love which is incredible, I really didn't enjoy Ultraviolence or Honeymoon much so I wasn't expecting much from her but I just love this song and the music video.

One thing I've been listening to non-stop this past month is the Spotify Throwback Thursday playlist, it's so much fun to listen and sing along to these old kinda cheesy pop songs when I'm bored, specially when driving around, it always puts me in a good mood.

The March Wishlist Highlights

Lately I'm kinda obsessed with the embroidery and patches trend that has been going around, I think it's such a fun trend that you can really get to be creative with but it's still easy to incorporate to your wardrobe.

Another thing, that will probably never not be included in my wishlists and favourites is Statement Shoes.

What have you been loving lately?

Thanks for reading!

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