Monday, 27 March 2017

My Lush Skincare Essentials

I've mentioned this already in most of my skincare posts, but Lush is by far my favourite skincare brand, ever since I've gone completely cruelty free 90% of my skincare products are from them.

The main reason I love Lush is their ethics as a company, Lush not only is 100% cruelty free with many vegan products as well but they are also strong advocates against animal cruelty and ethical buying and support different causes and charities.
On top of that their products are fairly priced, incredibly high quality, handmade, mostly made by natural ingredients, work like a dream, smell heavenly and are, from my experience, great for more sensitive skin types.

So I wanted to share with you guys the Lush products I can't live without, the ones I rush to the shop to get more as soon as I notice they're about to run out, the ones that as much as I like to switch things up on my skincare routine, always end up sticking around.

Cup O' Coffee is the first Lush skincare product I've ever tried, as you could probably notice from my various DIYs, I usually prefer homemade scrubs, all the store bought ones I've tried seem to really irritate my skin, but Cup O' Coffee is the exception to that. Although it is a strong scrub with bigger grains it runs smoothly over my skin and leaves it feeling smooth and reinvigorated without any irritation and harshness I usually get from other scrubs. I also love the delicious coffee scent from it.  

Dark Angels is probably my favourite skincare product ever, I started using it around 6 months ago and the difference it made on my skin is incredible, I wish I had taken before and after pictures because it is such a visible improvement.
It is a super gentle cleanser that gently exfoliates the skin and seems to really absorb all the impurities, it also nourishes the skin with making it super soft and glowy. After I started using it the small spots and black heads that used to be my main skin problem have almost completely disappeared and I feel like since I started using this in the morning my skin never really gets oily throughout the day anymore.

In my skin care routine I rotate between this and the Dark Angels cleanser, while I do love Dark Angels more this is still incredible, it is also gentle on sensitive skin, exfoliates softly and is very nourishing and makes my skin feel very clean after using it, the only thing that makes me prefer Dark Angels is that I feel like it absorbs impurities and excess oil on my skin better, but otherwise Herbalism is equally great.

I've always had a hard time finding a good toner that really cleans my skin but doesn't leave it feeling stingy, red and even a bit dry afterwards, all the ones I tried always felt like they were  bit too harsh for me but Tea Tree Water is the opposite, it feel really refreshing and soothing on my skin, while still completely cleaning it, it is also great to remove any makeup leftovers that may still be there after I use my makeup remover.

Skin Shangri La Moisturizer

I love thicker, richer moisturisers and Skin Shangri La is definitely one of them, it has a buttery, velvety texture that really makes me feel like my skin is hydrated, soft and nourished hours after I've used it. I have combination skin and i feel like it does an incredible job in moisturising the dry parts of my face while keeping the oilier parts under control. I also hear it is amazing for people with eczema.

*Vegan product

Have you tried any of these products before? what's your favourite Lush skincare products?
Thanks for reading!

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