Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Closet Spring Cleaning Tips

I have to admit, I have always been a bit of a hoarder when it came to clothes, I couldn't resist buying more and donating or throwing what I already have away was a torture, so my closet in my old house, a fairly big walk in one was cluttered with clothes, lots, I'm ashamed to say, still with the price tags on.
When I moved to my new apartment last month I had the task to transition from that big cluttered closet into one less than half it's size, and it was time to give up my hoarding habits and really have a massive clean out, and honestly I'm glad I did, by the time I finished I had tossed so much my new small closet had some spare room and I have to say, cutting back to only what's essential and what I really love has made getting dressed in the morning so much easier, I now have fewer options, but better and clearer ones.

So I decided to sare a few tips on how I did it that I think may hep anyone who's trying to do a bit of a spring cleaning on their closet!

Spread everything out so every single thing is in sight

This way you'll not only avoid missing something that you no longer want but might also find something you love but have forgotten in the back of some drawer. It also makes it much easier to spot things that don't really go well with the rest of your clothes.
Set a goal

Having a set goal will make it easier to resist temptation to keep things you shouldn't. Mine was to fit everything comfortably into the new closet, but it could be a set number of pieces to keep or a set number to get rid of.
Separate thing into 4 groups

Organize things into 4 different groups:

  • Keep: for everything you love, that's in good condition
  • Sell: For things that haven't been worn or are in great condition, but don't really have a place in your wardrobe, you can make some extra money selling those on eBay or Depop
  • Donate: for pieces that aren't damaged but are a bit too worn to be sold
  • Toss: For everything too old and damaged

Follow the 6 month rule

Now that is time to actually clean  out, start by everything that has been forgotten for too long. I followed the 6 month rule, everything not worn for longer than that should go. 6 months works for me because season changes aren't too extreme where I live, so most of my clothes are wearable throughout the year, but you can make it a 1 year rule if you live somewhere where weather causes a very clear distinction between summer clothes and winter clothes.
I do have a few exceptions for this, things that I already expect to stay untouched for a long time but still need a few of every now and again:
  • Occasion wear: I might keep 1 or 2 party dresses if I really love them and am sure I still can get some use of, but never more than that.
  • Heavy winter coats and boots: As we have very mild winters around here I only wear these for a month a year at most or when travelling, so I tend to keep them as long as they are in good condition.
  • Clothes I love but have for some reason forgotten about: As I said my old closet was a bit cluttered so I sometimes lost things on the back of drawers and forgot about it, so if I find something like that that I love I'll keep it for 2 more months, if in the meantime I find reason to wear it I keep it, if I don't I sell or donate it..
Look for price tags

I sell or return anything that I've bought for longer than 2 months and still have the price tag on, if I haven't worn it soon after I bought it, when I'm the most excited about it I definitely won't wear it later.
 Spot the mismatches

I also get rid of everything that doesn't really seem to go well with any of the other pieces I have in my wardrobe and would require me to buy more stuff to go with it for me to be able to create and outfit.

The 2 tries rule

This is a bit more extreme and I guess more necessary if you want to really downsize your clothes like I did but If I have tried something more than twice when creating an outfit, but ended up choosing something else instead I just sell or donate f it as it just doesn't really fit on my wardrobe as I expected it to.

Shop your closet

For what remains after I follow the previous steps I try to look at it with shopper's eyes, Would I buy that if I were shopping today? If I wouldn't then I get rid of it.

The 1 in 1 out rule
And lastly to make sure I don't get clutter my closet again I started following the 1 in 1 out rule, for every new piece I buy (unless it is something I actually needed) I get rid of 1 piece I already had, this way not only I maintain a small closet with only new, essential pieces but also save money as I tend to think twice before buying something when I know I'll have to let go of something else for it.

What are your tips to clean out your closet?
Thanks for reading!

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