Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Being the Blogger Who Hates Social Media

I love pretty much all aspects of blogging, I love writing, taking photos, planning posts, reading and answering comments, visiting the blogs of the people who leave links in the comments, working on edits and layouts, the one thing that feels like a chore though and I always have to force myself to resentfully do it is being active on social media, and active is quite an overstatement.

Most, if not all, blogging tips posts will emphasise on the importance of social media to grow your blog, it's the easiest way to get your content out there, and I can't lie, they are absolutely right, I didn't use social media to promote my blog posts until recently and when I started my vies more than triplicated, the growth was incredible and twitter is now basically by far my main source of traffic.
That has kind of forced me into accepting social media as part of my life, but as much as I appreciate what it does for my blog, I kind of hate it.

Maybe hate is a strong word, but my relationship with it is definitely a love-hate one.
I do enjoy scrolling through Instagram, I find it very inspiring to see so many beautiful photos and cool, creative outfits, wonderful places I'd love to visit and following upcoming artists and designers, I truly enjoy that, but I just can't bring myself to really use it to create content. I'd love to be the kind of person that registers little moments of their lives through pictures, but I never, ever remember to take the pictures and usually regret after I'm back home and realize the photo opportunities I missed. For some reason I also feel extremely self conscious of posting pics of myself and my outfits there, I don't really have a problem when posting it on the blog, but Instagram terrifies me, maybe is all the beautiful girls in incredible outfits and super cool locations that make me feel a bit (a lot) sub par, but I just can't bring myself to do it.

Twitter is something I've been trying getting into for the longest time, probably a couple years now, but I just can't seem to enjoy it at all, I do like it as a way to keep up with music releases by following a bunch of bands and musicians, and keeping up with new blog posts, but that aside Twitter just bores me to tears, maybe I just haven't found as many inspiring people there to follow like on Instagram, so aside from a few occasional funny tweets I just don't find it interesting at all.
I also don't enjoy posting there because, well, as you probably can tell I have a tendency to word vomit and the 140 characters thing just doesn't work for me at all, 90% of my tweets end up discarded after I run out of characters half way through.

Honestly that makes me feel a bit disconnected with the rest of the blogging community, that seem to truly love everything about social media, so I just really needed to vent about it a bit.

What's your relationship with social media as a blogger?
Thanks for reading!

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