Monday, 27 February 2017

Colour Obsession: Blush Pink

If you've read my posts these past few months you may have noticed I've been obsessing with blush pink. I've never really been a pink kind of girl, if you looked at my closet 2 or 3 you wouldn't find a single pink piece (but then again I have to admit my closet is pretty much all black and grey), but this lovely colour has slowly been making it's way into my closet and my heart, and I keep being drawn to pink clothes and accessories.

Not only the colour itself is beautiful, it also looks amazing with all my favourite colours, black, grey and burgundy (blush pink and burgundy is my ultimate favourite combination, it always looks amazing) and adds a touch of femininity and delicacy to outfits.

So today I wanted to share with you the ever growing list of Blush Pink pieces I've been lusting after lately.

What colour have you been loving recently?
Thanks for reading!

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