Friday, 10 February 2017

But it's so easy in this blue, where everything is good

Happy Friday beauties!

The blog has been pretty dead this week hasn't it? Every time I think I couldn't possibly get busier life surprises me haha, but I promise I'll do better next week, well, maybe not next week, I'm trying to prepare the posts but there might be just two again, the week after though I think everything in my life will be back on track, at least I hope. But I can't complain, really, the things that have been keeping me busy are all incredibly good ones so I"m tired but still really excited with everything that has been going on.

I'm not much of a summer person, I gotta admit that, so the weather around here these past few days have been hard on me, specially when picking an outfit, so printed or colourful shorts and black camis and crop tops have become my summer uniform, I really can't wait for autumn so I can finally wear jackets, sweaters and boots again, I just don't feel like myself in summer clothes haha.  

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!

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