Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Build a Cruelty Free Makeup Kit on a Budget

I mentioned in my 1 Year of Cruelty Free post that when you decide to go full cruelty free replacing your old, animal tested products can be a costly and slightly complicated process. some people choose to dump all their old stuff and start a new makeup kit from the scratch, others, like me, choose to replace their products for new ones as the old ones run out.

Regardless of what your choice is it is essential to know what brands are cruelty free or not, for that I always refer to The Cruelty Free Kitty list, it is reliable and constantly updated.

And to help anyone who is trying to transition, either all at one or gradually, into a 100% cruelty free makeup kit, but don't have loads of money to spend on expensive itens I made this list with cruelty free options under $15 for every item you may need on your makeup bag.

cruelty free makeup kit on a budget












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