Friday, 13 January 2017

We'll walk upon these streets and think of little else

Happy Friday my loves!
How has your week been? This week I finally managed to break away from my lazy, unproductive holiday mode, know, I know, too damn late, but I just couldn't help it haha but on the bright side it did give me quite a lot of energy so now I'm feeling super motivated.

I wore this back when I was still in Montevideo exploring, this whole boho vibe is usually not my thing but for some reason being around the beach really makes me wanna wear those sort of things, also it's a really nice and comfy to walk around for hours specially when it's quite warm.

I'm absolutely in love with this bag I got from Zara in the January sales and can't stop wearing it, it gives a nice pop of colour to monochromatic outfits, I'm quite obsessed with yellow lately and I think the embellishments give a nice quirky little touches.

(I look like Woody Allen here and can't stop laughing about it)

In other news, I've been really wanting to incorporate some music into the blog since it's such a huge passion for me, but not with full posts about it because when I do try to write those my brain blanks out and I can't think of anything, trust me, I've tried. So instead I decided to add a song I love to each post, usually (but not necessarily) relating to the post, let's see how that works out (because let's face it, I might completely forget about it, I haven't got the best memory).  

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a lovely weekend!

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