Friday, 27 January 2017

I'm born to be contrary...

Happy Friday my loves!

Earlier this week I went with a couple friends to watch La La Land and I feel like a grumpy weirdo to say this about a film that apparently everyone loves oh so much, but I really, really didn't like it, at all.
I went expecting to love it because the critics were so great and I love musicals but I just thought the story was a tad boring and extremely cliché and the songs a bit lacklustre.

On a more positive note I'm going to watch Moonlight later tonight and hopefully it will be more my kind of movie, we shall see.

For the movies I wore this lovely black velvet tee with the embroidered stars I bought at the January sales at Zara, a black bodycon skirt and a denim shirt since I always get super chilly at the movies. I also wore my mustard Zara bag to add some colour and these silver trainers I'm completely in love with, these are probably the most comfortable shoes I've ever put my feet in, walking on them feels like a dream haha so I probably will be wearing these a lot.

Hope you guys have a lovely weekend, thanks for reading!

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