Monday, 30 January 2017

How I sass up a casual outfit

I love fashion, love big, bold, trendy statement clothing that looks like it came straight out of a Vogue editorial, but I have to admit there are many days where due to time, practicity or money I have to wear the basic tee or sweater and jeans combo, but I just hate looking in the mirror and seeing a boring bland outfit, so most of the time I resort to accessories to zhoosh it up, in fact the vast majority of my busy mornings consist of grabbing some random jeans and tee and than picking up a big accessories to go with it.

So these are usually the things I go for when I want to add some spark to an otherwise boring outfit..

Get some bling on

Jewellery is usually the first thing I go for, not only because I love big jewellery but also because it usually goes with anything. A bold necklace can make any  basic tee look cool and statement earrings are the best when my hair just isn't cooperating and i need to put it in a messy bun.

Get on your dancing shoes

This is by far my favourite, I love a statement, fun shoe, bonus points if it has glitter or velvet, colourful ones are always great too if you are like me and tends to gravitate towards black clothing.

Put on some fun sunnies

I am a assumed sunglasses addict, I have too many to count and can't seem to stop buying more, I love colourful ones with fun shapes

Get a novelty bag

A nice novelty bag is also a great way to add some colour and fun to a look, and who doesn't love a nice bag anyway? 

What do you usually do to spice up an outfit?

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