Wednesday, 25 January 2017

3 beauty habits that transformed my skin

Ever since my early teens I've been trying to build a skincare routine that would really work for me and give me the best skin I could have. I have to say that is still a work in progress, mostly because my skin has been slowly and constantly changing throughout this period, but also because I'm always trying new products and techniques.

I can't say my skin is really problematic, I only really had pimples and larger spots until around when I was 14. After that my only problem is that I have lots of black heads and some redness around my nose, I do get small pimples during my period, but never more than one or two, still, I've always wanted that perfect skin most of us strive for.

More than products, there has been 3 habits I acquired with time that really made a difference and helped me get a much cleaner, smoother and brighter skin. Everyone's skin is different so these probably don't work for everyone, but I'm certain they could make a difference for most people..

1- Drinking lots of water

I know, I know, we are all a bit tired of hearing this by now, but trust me, this makes so much difference for me, I never really drank much water, and it is something I'm still now 100% used to, I have a bottle by my side at all times otherwise I just forget about it. But the difference in my skin between how it looks in a week when I drink lots of water everyday and how it looks when I don't drink that much is very drastic. On top of that it is great for your health as well.

2 - Micro-exfoliation every 2 days

I used to exfoliate whenever I felt like it, but I decided to exfoliate every 2 days with a not too harsh product and it has made my skin much smoother and brighter, I recently started using Lush Dark Angels for this and gosh it oh so wonderful, definitely worth the hype, it scrubs so gently and makes my skin feel super clean, I specially recommend it if you have sensitive skin.

3- Having a facial doe by a professional every 3 months

This might be a bit of an investment depending on how much a facial treatment costs in your area, but it's not a frequent thing and works wonders, there are very few things you can do at home that well compare to the work of a good professional, I super recommend you try, I leave the treatment with a 100% clear skin and it tends to stay that way for quite a while afterwards.

What are the beauty habits that you think really help your skin?

Thank you for reading!

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