Monday, 26 December 2016

How I became more positive in 2016

Hello my loves, how was your Christmas? Hope you had the greatest time!

One of my New Year Resolutions for 2016, and basically the only one I managed to do, was to become a more positive person.
I talked a bit about this on my self care night guide but a few years ago I went through a few complicated situations, which ended up affecting my mindset and led me to become quite a negative, anxious person. Around the end of 2014 or beginning of 2015 I decided to change that as well as I could, in 2015 I took a few baby steps to this change but 2016 was when I made the real changes that turned my life around and changed my mindset. So I decided to share with you how I made those changes!

First step I took was to remove myself from negative situations, this involves lots of small situations that made me feel down and unmotivated and cutting ties with people who only brought me down, but the major step was leaving a job that, although very well paying, was incredibly demotivating  and exhausting in an field I had no interest in, it wasn't an easy decision, I was scared of the financial consequences, but turns out everything turned okay, sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zone to be happier.

The second step was surrounding myself with positive people, when you're with people who send you positive energy, it feels natural to send positive energy back.

Third step was embracing the things I love and dedicating myself to them. Which actually resulted in this blog. I used to be so afraid of wasting time or being unproductive I completely avoided anything that wasn't career or education oriented, which is of course extremely important but I learned the hard way you can't give up some time to enjoy yourself for those things without bringing yourself down. Now I reserve at least 2 hours a day on week and 5 on weekends days to do what I love, usually blogging and reading blogs, watching films, playing video games or reading, I also got back to ballet which I had danced for 10 years of my life before stopping when I was 15, it is one of the things I love the most and coming back is one of the best decisions I ever made.

Last step was just accepting things as they are. I used to spend so much time thinking about what could go wrong in the future, and what could have been done better in the past I was a anxious mess, I learned to put into practice a saying my dad would always say to me "Work for the best, be prepared for the worst, accept whatever comes", I repeat that to myself everyday, as my dad tells me, worrying for the future or for the past won't change either, so just always do your best and enjoy the present, I can't say it cured my anxiety, because unfortunately these things aren't that simple, but it did help a lot,

My main goal for 2017 now is to keep the positivity up and dedicate myself more and more to the things I love!
Thank you for reading!

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