Friday, 23 December 2016

A lil sparkle never hurt no one

Hello dears!

Can you believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve? December went by too fast! On Wednesday me and a few friends reunited for one last holiday party before each of use head our way for Christmas and New Years Eve and had an absolute blast!

I feel like if there's one time of the year when you can go all out on the sequins and glitter and sparkles this is it, so for the party I decided to wear my black sequin mini skirt (you've seen it before here) and and an oversized graphic tee, as that is one of my favourites outfit combination, but to add a little something different and tone down the black on black a little bit I added a sleeveless white shirt underneath, with only the collar showing and to the last touch of sparkle to the look a statement necklace.

I wanted to thank you guys so much for reading and following my blog, I'm so glad I started blogging, it made this last half of 2016 so much fun for me and the blog has become something I really love and cherish and the support I've been receiving  was a big part of that, so thank you so much and happy holidays!

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