Wednesday, 28 December 2016

5 Tips for packing light

As I was packing my small carry on suitcase for my 6 day trip to Punta Del Este (so exciteddd) I remembered what a hard time I used to have packing, I'd have to squeeze an unbelievable amount of clothes and shoes and accessories into a huge suitcase trying to make sure it didn't surpass the flight company weight limit too much, it was a true nightmare, not to mention, being very a tiny girl, carrying a huge suitcase around the airport ain't easy, but since I started following these little tips for packing light it's been very, very different now.
I have recently decided to only travel with a in flight purse and a carry on suitcase, being as minimalist and practical as possible, and let me tell you, it made my life so much easier for packing to go, boarding and checking in, getting dressed during the trip and packing to go back home (is it just me or does things seem to take twice as much space when you'e packing to go back?), I do have to admit to that it has made packing my makeup and skincare a bit more time consuming as I have to put everything into tiny travel size containers instead of just putting the bigger stuff onto my check in suitcase, but overall packing light has really made my travelling experience much easier.
So today I wanted to share with you what I did to transition from a huge overpacked check in suitcase to a small carry on.

tips to pack light

1 - Plan your outfits ahead
The one thing that helped me the most was planning all my outfits while packing, I usually already have everyday of the trip planned a couple weeks before leaving, so when packing I check the weather forecast and plan an outfit for each day or activity. Before I did enjoy taking lots of options to build an outfit everyday, based on my mood or the weather, but always ended up without even touching lots of the clothes, so I had to give that up. I do take a couple extra outfits in case anything goes wrong. The amount of extra outfits depends on how long you're staying but I usually take one daytime and one nighttime outfit for every 3 days, usually I choose these to prepare for a different weather than what was on the forecast just in case. The best part is that now I usually take the time I used to spend in the morning preparing my outfit to sleep a lil longer.

2 - Limit shoes, coats and purses to a minimal amount
These are by far the things that takes the most space on the suitcase, so when packing I choose up to 2 pairs of daytime shoes, 2 pairs of nighttime shoes, preferably ones that don't take much space, plus the ones I'm wearing on the plane. For the purses I usually use as a daytime bag the same one I use in flight so it's one less thing to pack and only one nighttime purse. I also pack only one coat, which does the job just fine unless I'm going to somewhere really really cold for long time, but in that case I wear wear another coat to the plane so it is, again, one less thing to pack. They key for the coats, shoes and purses is to pick ones that go with every outfit I had planned, so I usually plan the outfits, with the limited shoe and purse options in mind.

3 - Go for onepieces
This is the main thing I go for when planning the outfits, dresses, jumpsuits and rompers are not only versatile and easy to style, but they usually take less space and are easier to organize and fit inside the suitcase, so when travelling I mostly wear these.

4 - Pick versatile clothing items
This applies to everything, plan the outfits going for things that look good when worn with the items from the other outfits as well, so you can do some minor changes if when getting dressed you change your mind   about the outfit you planned you can change one or to items to make it a little different. Simple basic, basic pieces are ideal for this.  

5 - Rely on your accessories
When I follow the previous step, sometimes the outfits end up looking a bit bland, as I love a few statement pieces, so since I have to be very sensible to pick my clothes I go all out when packing accessories, I take as many as I can since they don't take much space and go for statement necklaces and scarves and hats that will add that something extra to the outfits and make them really special.

Also worth mentioning if you're checking in your suitcase pack an extra outfit on your in flight purse in case your suitcase goes missing because unfortunately that happens quite often and you don't want to be left with nothing but the clothes you have on.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you also have any tips for packing light.
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Thank you for reading!

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