Wednesday, 14 December 2016

1 year of cruelty free: why I did it and how it's been

Time really flies by too fast, yesterday I realized it's been a full year since I've started using cruelty free cosmetics only, so I decided to write a little post to share with you how it has been for me.
Before I start let me just say this is not an attempt to make people go cruelty free, I feel like this is the kind of thing that is 100% personal and people should decide on doing it or not on their own, I don't think it's my place to judge anyone for their choices.

Why I did it

I think a lot of people go cruelty free after going vegan or after seeing horrible documentaries on the stuff that goes on in the test labs, that wasn't the case for me. Back in August last year I decided to become vegetarian, it was a change I've been meaning to do for a long time but kept making excuses to postpone. As I said I didn't do it because of the documentaries or slaughter videos that people usually watch before taking this sort of decision, I could never stomach seeing something like that and I'm not a big fan of the shock factor as a tool to make people's minds, but I did know what went on with animals and didn't way to financially support it anymore.

I never really considered going vegan, it was a lifestyle I've always known wasn't for me, but after going vegetarian and having a great, much much easier experience with it than I was expecting, I decided to also stop using leather and non cruelty free cosmetics. I decided to take that change because using leather would cause the same suffering to animals as eating meat, so for me it made no sense to stop doing one but not the other. 
And I decided go cruelty free only because I knew what they put animals through in the test labs was much worse than in the slaughter houses, it didn't feel right to me to finance that for my own vanity, I felt like, to some extend, eating meat was justifiable, as food is a necessity to life, but submitting so many animals into suffering because of something that, as much as I love makeup and skincare, is superfluous when there are so many cruelty free alternatives on the market didn't seem right, so I made the change.

As I said in the beginning I don't, in any way, judge people who aren't cruelty free, but I immensely despise companies that to this day continue to conduct or finance animal testing when there are so many safe alternatives to test their products. From a business standpoint I see where they come from, China requires animal testing and they are the largest market in the world, losing them would mean losing a considerable amount of money, but I think we shouldn't sacrifice moral and ethics for money, specially when there are so many incredibly successful cruelty free brands out there proving you can do just fine without selling to China. But I do think things are changing as more and more brands are adopting cruelty free policies.

How it's been

As it usually is for that kind of change, transitioning was the hardest part. My first impulse when I decided to transition was to throw away everything I had that wasn't cruelty free, but I soon gave up on that, I just didn't have the money to replace half my beauty stash and nearly all my skincare all at once, and I didn't feel like it would do much difference, the damage had already been done and throwing my things away would not undo it, instead I decided to use up what I had and replace things for cruelty free alternatives gradually, it took a while but after around 6 months everything had been replaced.

Next step was to figure out what brands I could use and I was happy to find out there were many more options than I initially thought.  By now I already pretty much know what brands are cruelty free or not, but while I was learning I shopped always checking for the leaping bunny seal on the packaging. At first I thought only brands that had it were cruelty free, but later learned that wasn't always the case, so whenever I saw something that didn't have it I'd just Google the brand. I usually check the Cruelty Free Kitty for information, it is probably one of the most complete and reliable sources for that kind of information online.

At this point I'm still building my beauty stash, skincare was easy, you can always rely on Lush, The Body Shop and Pixi to find amazing cruelty free products. But for makeup it was a tad more challenging to find replacements for some of my favourite products, the hardest was to find a mascara I liked, took me months and lots of disappointments until I found the e.l.f. Volumizing & Defining Mascara that I reviewed a couple months ago and that is now my favourite, and I'm still on the look out for the perfect liquid eyeliner, but every thing else was relatively easy and I'm now pretty satisfied with my collection and have found my favourite brands that I rely upon:

Overall I'm incredibly happy to have gone cruelty free only and plan to keep following this lifestyle for as long as I can.

If you've transitioned to cruelty free let me know how was your experience.
I also really need some cruelty free liquid eyeliner suggestions, so please let me know if you have any!
Thank you for reading!

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