Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Tips and tricks to get longer and thicker eyelashes naturally

Hello loves!

I've been absent for a while haven't I? I had a little family problem to deal with and just couldn't focus on blogging at all, but now all is well and I bring you a post I find quite useful.
I've always had quite long eyelashes, they are my favourite part of my face, and for years I've been collecting information on the internet on how to grow them longer and fuller, so now I decided to do a compilation of the tricks I've tried and found to actually be useful (after all you stumble across loads of silly stuff on the internet, right?), honestly most of the tricks I've come across made no difference at all, but these ones did quite significantly, just keep in mind it takes time for the results to show. On the long run it will make them prettier without makeup and you'll have to waste far less time and makeup to achieve that perfect look

1 - Give your lashes as much makeup-free time as possible
Always having mascara or makeup residues on your eyelashes can make them brittle and dry, which will make them fall off. The longer you let them breath the better they'll grow.

2 - Don't rub or tug at them
Always be as gentle as possible when removing your makeup, it will also cause them to grow weaker and fall out (it can also make the skin on your eyelids and beneath your eyes to sag)

3 - Massage your eyelids
It stimulates the hair follicle growth, just make sure to be very gentle. Some people also say brushing the eyelashes help, but I personally never found it to work on mine at all.

4 - Natural products to apply
Using a clean mascara wand apply any of the following products and leave them on overnight, gently washing off in the morning:
♡Aloe Vera
♡Olive Oil
♡Almond Oil
♡Green Tea
♡Coconut Oil or Milk
I heard these can also help growing your eyebrows, but haven't really tried it myself

Have any of you guys ever tried any of these, if so what did you think? Also let me know if you have any other tricks that you use!

Thank you for reading♡


  1. i love this! you have such an amazing blog :D


  2. nice, thanks for sharing those tips!

    Have a great weekend!
    Animated Confessions

  3. Great tips always Lola! Well wishes



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