Friday, 8 July 2016

What's in my bag - Carry on luggage in-flight essentials

Hello beauties,

Next Wednesday I'm going on a trip to Chile, I'm super excited as everyone who's already been there keeps telling me it's an amazing, beautiful place, I just can't wait. But I'm also super super busy this week getting everything prepared for the trip, and one thing I like to prepare beforehand is my carry on luggage, so I'll have time to buy anything I might need that I've run out of or lost (I lose so much stuff you guys have no idea), so as I finished preparing my bag for the trip I decided to show you guys what I usually take with me on flights

When it comes to my carry on I like to pack light, I only take what I find absolutely essential as I find it a real pain in the ass to have to carry a big heavy bag along with my inevitably ultra heavy luggage around the airport. I keep not only my essentials for the flight but also for the long waits at the airport.

For the bag I always take a backpack as I find them far more practical and comfortable to carry with my regular luggage around the airport, it leaves a free hand to handle my documents or carry bags if I buy something at the airport.

This bag is specially nice as it is spacious without being too bulky, has lots of pockets so I can keep everything organized, looks quite pretty and goes with basically any outfit I put on.

In my bag I carry:
  • My passport and wallet with my other documents and money, as you probably won't get very far without those haha
  • sunglasses and regular glasses
  • a nice book, which i think is an absolute must have for flights, not necessarily for when I'm on the plane since you can watch a film or TV show there but for the long waits at the airport, which can be brutally boring
  • my earphones, for the same reason as the book
  • phone charger is of course a must anywhere you go
  • a little notepad and pencil and eraser, it's where I usually keep any information I might need about the flight or hotel and also because I like to doodle in it when I'm bored
  • a scarf, I always, always, always take one when I'm flying, I get cold very easily and airplane air conditioning kills me

In my makeup bag I keep very, very little, mostly because I don't usually wear makeup to flights, I don't really like having makeup on for so long as I feel it is very bad for my skin, and honestly, because I really don't wanna bother with it when I'm already tired from the flight. I only carry:
  • Hair bobbles
  • A small mirror
  • Moisturizer, also and absolute must have with the super drying cabin air
  • A mascara, usually the only makeup I wear to fly
  • Bip balm
  • Painkillers
  • Band-aids because I'm horribly clumsy and carry them anywhere
  • Hand sanitizer (which I just realize I don't have any that fits the liquids size limit, oh well...)
Usually I'd also take some snacks like gummy bears or a chocolate bar, but I actually prefer to get those at the airport, they are a bit pricey there but always have different flavours you can't really find anywhere else.
When the climate in the place I'm going to is very different from where I am I also bring a change of clothes so I won't feel too cold or too hot when I land, but it wasn't really necessary this time.

So what do you guys think is a must have for flights, let me know in the comments!
Thanks for reading


  1. I always take bio ears just in case I want to sleep! Also I mix things up a bit and put some outfits in my carry on luggage because I worry that my main suitcase will get lost! Xxx

    ♥ Carly Susanne - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Cute backpack! Safe travels


  3. All great essentials. Gemma x


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