Friday, 1 July 2016

Style inspiration: Alexa Chung

Hello lovelies,

As I've been browsing loads of outfits and fashion inspo on Pinterest I tought I could write a little post on one of my favourite fashion inspirations, Alexa Chung, that way I can write and dig some inspo for myself at the same time lol.

I really love Alexa's style because it is simple, comfortable and minimalistic while staying original and edgy, always with a little detail that makes an otherwise boring outfit into something unique

So here is a little selection of my favourite outfits from her


  1. Alexa has such gorgeous style. Thanks for the inspo. Gemma x

  2. I love her style. What a fashionista icon!


  3. Ah Alexa has so much style! One of my friends is totally obsessed with her! X

    ♥ Carly Susanne ~ A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  4. alexa looks freaking awesome in everything

  5. I am such a fan of Alexa! #stylecrush <3


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