Thursday, 9 June 2016

Shopping on a budget 101

Hello lovelies,

so recently I've been splurging quite a lot on shopping, and realized it is about time I start being more careful with my money, so while deciding what I'd change on my shopping habits and what I'd keep in mind while shopping I decided to write this little post, so it might help someone else who's also in need of some saving, so here we go

I think this is probably the most important point to make the most of your money when shopping, plan carefully ahead.
Define beforehand how much you can spend and keep yourself within that limit.
Make a list with what you need, preferably in order of most needed to least needed, that way you can focus on what you rally need avoid wasting money with unnecessary things.
Also within your list, maybe set a limit to how much you're willing to expend on each item, that might give you a clearer idea of how much you'll need to expend and help define the overall limit.

Personally, I've been doing this for a while now and I found it super helpful, when I don't reach my spending limit (which is a tad rare but happens every now and then lol) I save this surplus to use as a little bonus to myself the next time I go shopping, to give myself a little treat.

Go for clothes that are easy to match and can compose as many outfits as possible.
Now, staple pieces don't necessarily mean plain clothes or neutral colours, it can be something colourful or have some kind of print, as long as you can have a nice range of clothes that go with it. The more outfits you can fit it in the more it'll be worth your money.

While having lots of staple pieces is important, to be able to wear nice, different outfits you'll need statement pieces to complement them. The best itens for this are accessories, jewelry, scarfs, hats, purses, jackets, anyhting with a nice, bold print, things that will add a little bit of life to the look. 
Usually you'll have to pay a little bit more for those so it's important to be careful when choosing them, it should be something that won't go out of style or look outdated quickly, that goes well with the rest of your wardrobe (I'll go a bit more into this in the next point) and really reflects your personality.

Now that's very much related to the two previous points, when getting both staple and statement pieces, when finding something you like that a minute to think if it actually goes with the things you already have, you shouldn't have a hard time composing an outfit with your new item.
That way you can avoid spending more money on new stuff to match whatever it is that you're planning on getting.

Also super important, check the quality of the fabric, zippers and seams before getting anything, if it seems like its gonna fall apart or fade after a couple uses then it's not worth it, besides, it is super depressing when you buy something and it gets ruined lol

well, that's it guys, hope it helps

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  1. Great tips! I always try and set a budget for myself before I go shopping. It helps to keep my budget "in line." :)

    Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com


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